10 take-aways from the Labour manifesto for young people

The Labour manifesto offers peace of mind to young people in the realisation of their dreams. These are 10 take-aways which caught our eye.

1. Greater help for students

Having just increased the stipends by 10%, Labour will increase them again by 15%. In addition to the COLA, students will also benefit from the new cost of living mechanism whenever there is extraordinary inflation.

2. A better environment for a better quality of life

Labour pledges to make an environmental investment of up to €700 million to improve Malta’s environment and create green spaces closer to communities.

3. Malta as an ideal ecosystem for start-ups

Labour will launch an advantageous legal framework for start-ups, professional mentorship as well as tax incentives and financial aid to bring their ideas to life.

4. Labour wants more women in leadership positions

A new administration will introduce new tax incentives and seed funding for more women to become entrepreneurs. This joins other measures in addressing the gender pay gap.

5. Helping young people become homeowners

The manifesto has several measures to ensure young people become homeowners for the first time. Labour will pay €1,000 a year of the payment of the home loan for ten years. At the same time, a new government will continue to improve on the first-time buyers and the UCA and vacant property schemes. 

6. Period-related products are a necessity, not a whim

Labour believes that products related to menstruation are a necessity, not a whim. A new administration will reduce the rate of VAT on these products to the lowest permissible rate.

7. Free contraceptive pill, morning after pill & IUD

The manifesto argues for an updated health policy in all its diversity. The contraceptive pill and the morning after pill will start to be distributed for free by pharmacies and health centres. Likewise, the intrauterine contraceptive device (IUD) will start to be offered free of charge to all women as part of the health service.

8. Free sex reassignment or gender affirmation surgery

Another fundamental principle is that we need to build a Malta that knows how to love all our children in the same way. Labour will increasingly expand the services offered to transgender people by starting to offer the operation for sex reassignment free of charge.

9. A leap forward in sports

A new administration will work towards a leap forward in sports. The measures include improving sports facilities so that they reach an international level, reducing VAT charged on sporting activities and provide direct aid to professional athletes.

10. A celebration of culture, with better conditions for artists & creatives

Labour’s manifesto wants to celebrate culture. A new administration wants to continue to sustain our strong commitment to the working conditions of our artists and creatives. With discussions between The Malta Arts Council and all partners in this sector, Labour will launch the first charter for artists aimed at providing a key framework offering appropriate protection for these professionals.

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