180 new quality jobs

The Baxter plant in Malta has been a critical supplier of hospital products across Europe and globally for over 30 years.

Baxter, an international company present in over 100 countries worldwide, has announced that it will expand its operations in the Maltese islands with an investment of €60 million. Currently, the company has around 700 employees in Malta, many of whom are highly qualified and knowledgeable workers. This expansion will create 180 new quality jobs, ranging from machine operators to technicians skilled in maintenance, engineers, quality assurance personnel, and more.

Christelle D’Amato, the Manufacturing Plant Director, explained what is motivating the company to continue growing in Malta. “The Baxter plant in Malta has been a critical supplier of hospital products for patients across Europe and globally for over 30 years,” said Christelle. Last year alone, the plant produced more than 550 million components and 16 million finished products.

“Throughout the company’s presence in the country, Baxter has received support through various initiatives such as tax incentives, subsidies for energy reduction, and grants for new equipment and technologies,” she noted, adding that the expansion will allow the company to increase its capacity, thereby continuing its mission to save and sustain lives.

Christelle D’Amato, the Manufacturing Plant Director of Baxter.

The period of the global pandemic increased the workload for Baxter Malta, leading to the addition of several manufacturing lines to boost capacity and meet the rising demand for critical hospital products. During this period, more than 100 new job opportunities were created.

“The Maltese government supported our ability to meet the increased demand for these life-saving and sustaining products,” said Christelle. “During this time, we ensured business continuity with resources such as wage subsidies and energy price subsidies.”

The Maltese authorities are aware of the quality of businesses it is attracting to Malta, encouraging businesses that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability. Christelle D’Amato explained that the company has invested in solar panels, is making strong efforts to reduce energy and water usage, and is proactively working to reduce its carbon footprint. Globally, the company is committed to reducing carbon emissions by 25%, and this promise was considered in all stages of planning for the new expansion in Malta.

But sustainability is not only about energy; it also significantly involves human resources. “We are eager to share our expertise with the new employees we will be welcoming through education and training programmes. We will also take the opportunity to continue developing our current workforce by providing continuous training and skill enhancement opportunities, including for new processes and technologies,” explained the Director of the Manufacturing Plant.

This is the second significant foreign investment announced within two weeks, following the news that a Turkish company is setting up a new factory in Malta with an investment of €7.5 million. This will generate 44 new jobs in the sustainable energy sector.

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