50,500 new private sector full-time jobs in four years

Part-time jobs have grown by nearly 12,000 since January 2020, with Gozo claiming a noteworthy share of 4,300 of these new opportunities.

Between January 2020 and December 2023, the number of full-time jobs with the private sector increased by almost 50,500.  There was also a growth of around 3,000 jobs with the public sector. At the same time, almost 12,000 part-time jobs have been added. Of all these jobs, around 4,300 were in Gozo.

Last December, the number of people working full-time rose to almost 282,800. This means that, since March 2013, there has been an increase of almost 126,700 full-time jobs. In addition, there was an increase of around 27,400 part-time jobs. Since the change of Government 11 years ago, every day there has been an increase of 39 jobs. This is four times the job creation rate observed before 2013.

In December the number of full-time jobs was almost 20,100 more than the previous year. Of these, 19,300 jobs were with the private sector. Almost 1,300 were more jobs in the construction sector, 2,400 with the retail sector, 1,500 in transport firms, 3,500 with hotels and restaurants, 1,100 in manufacturing, 300 in remote gaming, 600 in financial services, 1,900 in professional services, 3,300 in administrative services, while in information and communication there was a growth of 900 jobs. There has been an increase of around 1,300 with private health and education services.

In total, there was an increase of 818 self-employed during 2023, while part-time work increased by around 4,600 on a year earlier.

In Gozo there was an increase of 835 full-time jobs and 435 part-time jobs.

Photo: Klaus Vedfelt/DigitalVision/Getty Images

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