9 more firms per day

There was an increase of over 3,300 registered businesses last year.

Last year there was an increase of 3,334 registered businesses in Malta, or 9 more firms per day.

In 2023, the number of firms that opened stood at 10,016, almost double the number of companies that had opened in 2012.

The sectors in which the number of firms increased most were professional services, with a growth of 781 businesses, the gaming sector, which saw a rise of 460 firms, and the accommodation and restaurants sector, with a growth of more than 340 establishments. There was an increase of 213 construction firms and 227 real estate firms. Even in high technology sectors, such as computing, there was an increase of around 330, or almost one per day.

The bulk of the increase in firms was in those employing fewer than 10 people, an increase of 3,297, while the number of businesses employing between 10 and 49 people increased by 37.

Photo: Getty Images

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