A call for calm

Digesting the Prime Minister’s words on the latest developments in connection with the hospital concession inquiry.

Speaking in Mellieħa Square right after a lengthy press conference on Monday evening, Prime Minister and Labour leader Robert Abela was interviewed as part of the Labour Party’s electoral campaign.

He was asked about various crucial themes, including the latest developments in connection with the hospital concession inquiry. His message was focused on maintaining calm and not falling victim to provocation. Meanwhile, despite these clear calls for calm, PN leader Bernard Grech is harshly criticising Prime Minister Robert Abela for “fanning flames” with his words.

The Journal has translated the Prime Minister’s words.

– Maintaining calm is crucial. There are those who stir up tensions and call on holy wars. The response must be one of absolute serenity, ensuring that no one succumbs to provocation while continuing to think and reflect on the proceedings of the magisterial inquiry.

– Once the inquiry report is published, the public will have the opportunity to form their judgments, but it is vital that this is done with tranquility. Furthermore, the public will weigh the intentions behind this inquiry, questioning whether it respected the judicial process or if there were other motives, including the specific timing of its conclusion.

– Moreover, our faith in the effectiveness of our institutions must be restored through diligent efforts aimed solely at achieving justice. If there have been any doubts, the courts that will subsequently review the case will address these concerns.

– However, it is clear that there are numerous legal questions that need addressing, particularly regarding the individuals now being brought to trial. With these proceedings now open to the public, everyone can observe and evaluate the process openly. Yet, all of this should be considered thoughtfully, from the quiet of one’s home, in free and open discussions, ensuring that our democracy remains stable and sound.

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