A call for change in Labour’s approach

These elections have shown us that progress is not just about economic growth or infrastructure but also about creating a society where everyone feels valued and heard.

No qualms about it:  last week’s elections were a disappointment. The message from the electorate was clear: while a majority of the population still supports the Labour Party as the governing force, there is an urgent call for a new style of politics – one that is youthful, dynamic, and more connected to the everyday lives of the people.

The election outcome should be taken as a wake-up call. Our fellow citizens are tired of electing officials who are isolated in their ivory towers, surrounded by yes-men. They demand a government that is closer to them, understanding and addressing their concerns directly. Although it has achieved significant progress over the last decade, the current approach seems to have fallen short in several areas, particularly in sectors that deeply affect the quality of life for many Maltese.

One glaring example is the disability sector. Despite advancements, there remain substantial issues that need urgent attention. Long waiting lists for government-provided services are still a major concern. For individuals with disabilities and their families, these delays can be incredibly frustrating and detrimental to their well-being. Furthermore, there is a dire need to enhance job opportunities for people with disabilities, ensuring they can lead fulfilling, independent lives.

The results of this election should be seen as a mandate for change – not in our core values or our commitment to the people, but in the way we approach governance and policy-making. It is a call to reinvigorate our political strategy with fresh perspectives and a more inclusive, transparent approach.

We must put aside personal political aspirations and the divisions that have hindered our progress. If we truly believe in ‘Malta l-ewwel u qabel kollox’ (Malta first and foremost) then it is time to act on that belief by working together across all levels of government and society. This is not just about winning the next election; it is about ensuring that our governance is reflective of the people’s needs and aspirations.

In the coming months, it is essential that we, as a party, engage more actively with the youth and the broader public, incorporating their ideas and concerns into our policies. We need to foster a political environment that is not only more approachable but also more accountable. The Labour Party has always been the party of progress and social justice, and it is crucial that we renew this commitment with tangible actions.

The road ahead requires a concerted effort to rebuild trust and demonstrate that we are capable of listening and adapting to the will of the people. These elections have shown us that progress is not just about economic growth or infrastructure but also about creating a society where everyone feels valued and heard.

As a young activist, I remain hopeful. The challenges are surmountable if we unite in our efforts and genuinely strive to make Malta a better place for all its citizens. It is time for a new chapter in our political journey; one that is driven by youthful energy, inclusivity, and a genuine connection to the people we serve.

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