A mature debate?

On theDailySpot #18, we looked at the much-awaited first debate between the party leaders.

Robert  Abela started off with a strong message, and an important one: appealing for maturity in the debate, especially in light of the global context. But it was an overall optimistic message that our country has a bright future ahead.

From ADPD’s Carmel Cacopardo we heard more of a grim message regarding global food supplies; and Bernard Grech went straight on the offense.

He repeated lines we already heard before, on how Maltese people are going through a tough time and that Malta should stop the sale of passports to Russians.

Abela quickly quipped on Bernard’s inconsistent stance on the IIP scheme. He took the role of statesman as he explained the role of Malta in this crisis; and the humanitarian aid in various forms that our country will be providing to Ukraine.

Abela took the role of statesman as he explained the role of Malta in the Ukrainian crisis.

Grech continued to insist that we need to grow the economy; that we need to increase economic sectors and that Abela is stealing from the people.

We think the environment was not given the importance it deserves for many years. This time round, parties are putting environment at the centre of their political agendas.

Labour’s proposals for green open spaces adding up to 700 million euro jar greatly next to the complete lack of costings in the PN’s manifesto. Candidate after candidate have attempted to explain the 50,000 sqm that will apparently become ODZ under a PN administration… and following today’s leaders’ debate… we still don’t get it.

Bernard kept insisting that their plan is costed. In the meantime, Abela announced that the Labour manifesto is estimated to cost 3.3 billion.

Bernard Grech blamed taking care of his children for declaring no more than €6,000 in a year.

The prime minister, on the other hand, said that the taxman did not believe this version as Grech had to pay fines for under-declaring his income.

The debate kicks off the day after the announcement of more health-related and health-equality-related reforms by the Labour Party.

Abela admitted that a lot more could have been done in recent years in this area and this is why in recent days, a number of reforms and measures were announced.

Realistically, this week, Labour displayed its vision for this sector quite a bit, pledging free contraceptives, free morning-after pill, among a host of similar initiatives.

On the topic of abortion, we picked up on two important messages put forward by Robert Abela: first, that the abortion debate should not be set by, or surrounded by, politics and politicians.  Secondly, the message that the abortion discussion, as any discussion, shouldn’t be taken over by prejudice.

Watch today’s episode this afternoon on theJournal.mt’s Facebook page.

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