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Whilst everyone relates businesses to money and wealth, or entrepreneurs as some sort of super humans who are only interested about their boats and luxury life, there is a reality that most of the time goes unnoticed. Entrepreneurs, from self-employed to successful business persons, have to contend with extreme stress related to maintaining their business going, while ensuring the wellbeing of employees dependent on them. COVID-19 and the extreme stress that it caused on businesses being shuttered down due to the spread of the pandemic, has exacerbated mental health issues. 

It might have gone unnoticed by the general media, but Malta Enterprise and Business1st, in collaboration with Richmond Foundation are offering a new service that goes beyond financial assistance. 

A new service, Mentrepreneurial (Ment+), is a bespoke programme prepared by Richmond Foundation to equip entrepreneurs with the right tools to face mental health issues which they had to face in the business environment caused by the pandemic. The Malta Chamber of Commerce and the Malta Chamber of SMEs have been instrumental in the setting up of this new programme and promoting it among its members. 

The aim is to equip entrepreneurs with the right tools to face mental health issues caused by the pandemic.

Richmond Foundation developed a website for entrepreneurs, https://www.mentrepreneurial.com/, who want to learn more about this programme and also made available free online resources, from literature for businesses to help coping with stress related to their business, to videos which provide immediate tips for the mental health of entrepreneurs. 

 Richmond Foundation are offering primarily three services: 

  • Training+ which is a series of training videos developed for entrepreneurs, 
  • Therapy+ one-to-one therapy sessions for business owners affected by the pandemic
  • 24/7 channels access to Richmond’s phone and text support channels to reach help at any time.

The idea started a few months ago when Enterprise Minister Miriam Dalli was in consultations with the Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of SME’s following a €20 million package of assistance launched for businesses to relaunch their operations after COVID forced businesses to slow down. Minister Dalli said that businesses are not only about making money and government assistance should not be limited to financial support. Mental health of entrepreneurs should be safeguarded, particularly after such a disruptive period. 

Through the same website, businesses can also access a number of schemes that Malta Enterprise offers to businesses with products ranging from assisting business restart and reengineering as well as upskilling of workforce.

Find more information on: https://www.mentrepreneurial.com/economic-support/  

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