A sunny outlook

Eurobarometer shows improvement in confidence among Maltese households.

A Eurobarometer survey carried out by the European Commission last April shows strong optimism in Malta despite global challenges. Nearly nine in ten (89%) of those interviewed report satisfaction with their lives, and 81% believe their lives are heading in a positive direction. Financial security is also high, with 83% of households feeling good about their financial situation.

The Maltese are significantly more optimistic about their country’s situation compared to the euro area average. The survey found that 53% of Maltese people believe the general situation in Malta is good, ten percentage points higher than the 43% reported in the euro area. This positive sentiment extends to the economy and employment, with 63% and 61% of Maltese residents, respectively, viewing these aspects favorably, compared to just 37% and 42% across the monetary union.

While in 2012 in Malta there were a third of households worried about the economy, today this proportion has fallen to 4%. Almost a quarter of those interviewed were worried about the national debt in 2012, but the proportion has now fallen to 10%.

The survey also shows that 36% of the Maltese people trust the Government, against 32% across the euro area, while 33% of the Maltese believe that the country is currently moving in the right direction, against 27% across the euro area.

The Eurobarometer results confirm that Maltese families are considerably more optimistic than their European counterparts. This positive outlook surpasses not only the current European average but also the sentiment expressed by Maltese families in 2012.

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