About us

TheJournal.mt is an online platform, owned by Partit Laburista, for the discussion and analysis of current socio-political affairs on a national, EU and international level. The content brings together featured stories and opinion pieces by TheJournal.mt team and guest writers focusing on a wide range of themes from the economy to social and political Issues and the environment.

TheJournal.mt is not a news portal but a collection of analytical articles and reports and a multi-faceted insight into controversial issues, offering impactful intelligence and policy evaluations.

The motive of TheJournal.mt is to contribute to ongoing debates taking place in Malta, and internationally, by presenting different angles on the issues and evaluating them with an open-minded approach. We will not shy away from asking difficult questions. We are here to champion political debate and analysis in an open manner, and we invite you to join us on this journey.

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