Adjusted operating hours for selected RVMs

A number of BCRS Malta’s public hub sites in Malta will, as from today, be open for public use from 6am till 10pm.

BCRS Malta Ltd, the not-for-profit company running the national scheme to encourage the recycling of beverage containers, will as of today, 1st December 2023, adjust the operating hours of a number of its public hub sites in Malta, with the latter being open for public use between 6am and 10pm.  BCRS Malta will keep on maintaining regular operations for Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) in Gozo.

“Our goal is to find a balance between promoting recycling and minimising inconvenience for residents,” BCRS CEO Alan Meilak said in an interview by The Journal with BCRS which will be published in the coming days. “By carefully considering the various options and implementing them effectively, RVMs can continue to play a positive role in promoting a more sustainable environment without causing undue disruption to local communities.”

The beverage container refund scheme involves placing a refundable deposit on single-use beverage containers that are in scope of the Scheme made of aluminium, PET, glass bottles and cans.  Consumers can then redeem their vouchers in supermarkets, and participating retailers serving as redemption locations.

In its debut year of operation since November 2022, BCRS Malta collected 79% of the single-use beverage containers in circulation which amount to over 204 million containers.

For more information and updates on BCRS Malta Ltd, visit

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