Adrian Delia and the Blue Heroes

Has the former Nationalist leader forgiven the party Establishment? Of course not.

Let’s say it as it is. If the Establishment were indeed those who Adrian Delia mentioned during his ten minutes of fame in a tranquil Żebbuġ square yesterday evening, he would still be the Leader of the Opposition.

Adrian Delia’s shirt is still tainted with blood from all the backstabbing by those who were applauding him as he slobbered through a list of Labour politicians whom he called “the Establishment”. The holy crusader David Casa was one of those frantically clapping his hands…

But has Adrian Delia forgiven the Establishment? Of course not. Not only he hasn’t, but those close to him are fully aware of what comes next. And this ‘redemption moment’ is just a subtle move to cosy up with other factions within the PN so when the time is right Delia goes for the unthinkable with another go at the PN leadership.

Adrian Delia is no fool. He has learnt the hard way and understood that he does not, and cannot have, the resources to beat and fight the Establishment. He is aware that, at best, he can cautiously warm up to it to advance his personal ambition.

And whilst genuine voters try to understand what the PN’s vision is, its main exponents continue in a quest to oblivion with rhetoric that even puts the crusader era to shame.

Good luck with that, as it seems that, by when they decide who’s next to control the Nationalist Party, there won’t be much left of it.

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