Airport greeters and Apron X

How the Malta International Airport plans to sustain its numbers.

The Malta International Airport experienced a historic milestone in May, with over 800,000 passengers passing through its gates. This marked the first time such a number was achieved in the fifth month of the year, surpassing the previous record set in July last year.

Now while it’s fantastic to see a rise in passenger numbers, this growth brings along a pressing need for significant investment. The increased traffic highlights the necessity to expand and enhance airport infrastructure to meet the demand effectively, not to mention the need for staff members to keep up. The Journal discussed these issues with a spokesperson on behalf of the Malta International Airport (MIA).

We learnt that among the top priorities is addressing the airport’s capacity constraints through infrastructural projects. Key projects include the development of a new apron, Apron X, which will increase aircraft parking capacity from 20 stands (on Apron 8 and 9) to 27 stands once Apron X is in full operation. The first stands are expected to be available in the third quarter of the year. Additionally, the terminal expansion project is ongoing, with the first phase set to be completed this year, and the introduction of state-of-the-art equipment to facilitate the security screening process for passengers.

The proposed Apron X.

Furthermore, the airport will continue to invest in its team, now comprising 460 members, who are the backbone of the operation. Their commitment to excellence and close collaboration with stakeholders ensure a seamless and enjoyable travel experience for all guests. Recognising the importance of human resources in managing busier days and facilitating the airport journey for guests, the company has recently onboarded 14 airport greeters. These greeters are stationed at key touchpoints throughout the terminal, ready to guide passengers and provide assistance whenever needed.

The airport attributes these record results to heightened travel demand and an expanded flight schedule for the summer season. “The record results achieved over the past weeks can be attributed to heightened travel demand, coupled with an expanded flight schedule for the summer season,” stated the MIA. The summer schedule includes new routes and increased services from partner airlines: Air Baltic (new route to Tallinn), easyJet (increased from 5 routes to 9), Ryanair (new routes to Norwich and Rome Fiumicino), ITA (new route to Milan Linate), Jet2 (new routes to Belfast and Edinburgh), and new airlines Universal Air and HelloFly commencing operations from the airport. Consequently, the airport is handling an average of 18 aircraft movements per hour, marking a 23% increase over 2023.

This significant growth in passenger numbers and the airport’s strategic developments emphasise MIA’s commitment towards enhancing its services and infrastructure to meet the increasing demand and provide an exceptional travel experience.

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