Airport passenger movements almost 10 times more than a year ago

Last month almost 317,000 passengers used Malta International Airport. This was almost ten times the passenger traffic observed a year ago in the same month.

Compared to the pre-pandemic level of passenger traffic, activity was at 66%. This when in March last year passenger traffic accounted for only 7% of pre-pandemic activity. 

In terms of pre-pandemic activity, this March’s ratio was the best movement of passengers at the airport since the start of the pandemic. The previous record had been last November when the percentage of passengers had amounted to 64% of that in 2019.

This shows that the negative impact brought about by Omicron seems to have been dissipated. So much so that the number of passengers who passed through our country’s airport during March was greater than those who used the airport last July – a traditional peak month. Since the pandemic began, it was only in August, September, and October last year that there was more activity in absolute terms at the airport than there was last March.

With the removal of further travel restrictions, in the coming months it is expected that the tourism sector will continue to rebound. In addition, National Statistics Office data are repeatedly showing that the average length of tourist stays as well as their per capita expenditure are going up substantially. This means that even with fewer tourists our country is having a much better economic return than it was used to.

In the first three months of the year almost 673,000 passengers used the airport. This is nearly seven times better than the less than 99,000 passengers observed in the first quarter of 2021. If these trends continue, 2022 will be turn out to be much better than the previous two years.

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