Alfred Sant on ‘Kafè Ewropa’

The former Prime Minister will be Sandro Mangion's guest on One Radio’s weekly European elections talk show to examine the challenges of Malta reconciling its EU membership commitments with its neutral status.

In an interview carried by The Journal in early March, former Prime Minister and outgoing  Head of the Maltese Delegation in the S&D Group in the European Parliament, Dr Alfred Sant, said that the way things are going within the European Union presents a challenge for Malta, which aims to maintain its stance as a neutral country while being part of an increasingly militarised bloc. Malta could eventually find itself in a tricky situation as the departure from the existent common security and defence policy, which is fundamentally based on intergovernmental cooperation, and the idea to create an EU military alliance gain traction, he warned.

That discussion will continue on Friday morning when Dr Sant will be The Journal editor Sandro Mangion’s guest on the third edition of Kafè Ewropa, One Radio’s weekly European election talk show.

Meanwhile, the pros and cons of Malta’s first two decades as an EU member state will be explored in a separate discussion with Prof. Godfrey Pirotta, Professor Emeritus of Government and Policy Studies. Complementing the discussion, Antoinette Cefai will share information about a documentary she produced for the IDEAT think thank to commemorate 20 years of Malta’s EU membership.

Also joining the programme is Mark Vella, Head of Communications for the European Commission in Malta. He will shed light on both the European Commission’s crucial role within the EU and the upcoming celebration of Europe Day on 9th May. Additionally, he’ll be sharing valuable information about the diverse career paths Maltese citizens can pursue within the European institutions.

The talk show will also connect with H.E. Carmel Vassallo, Malta’s Ambassador to Italy and San Marino, and Permanent Representative to the UN Agencies in Rome. Ambassador Vassallo will share his insights on the experiences of Maltese citizens living in Italy and on how shared EU membership strengthens bilateral relations between the two countries.

In another slot, European election candidate Marija Sara Vella Gafà will talk about the issues and concerns of the pople she is meeting during this electoral campaign.

Information will also be given about the flights with a special fare of €90 for Maltese living abroad who wish to travel to Malta to vote in the 8th June elections.

Have you missed last week’s programme? Listen to it here.

Main photo: Benoit Bourgeois/European Union

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