Arts & Culture: 10 takeaways from the Labour manifesto

We took the time to dissect and translate a few key proposals, 10 to be exact. These proposals stem from the Labour Party’s manifesto, which beautify the arts and culture sector. We did this, so that you don’t have to.

1. More Artistic Exhibition Spaces

In the next legislature, we will see the opening of the Malta International Contemporary Arts Space in Floriana. This will form part and parcel with a green project in the area so that it has a two-way purpose: an educational and creative space for the arts sector and a space open for the public to enjoy. 

2. The Artists’ Charter

After discussion with the Malta Arts Council and all relevant stakeholders, a new Labour Government will see the creation of a charter for artists which will aim to offer protection for artists and their profession. 

3. Post-Pandemic Healing

The manifesto recognises the effects which the COVID-19 Pandemic had on the accessibility of the arts and artists’ livelihoods. A new administration will allocate more funding for artists, creatives and cultural organisations to recover from post-pandemic effects. One of these initiatives, which will see a 750,000 euro fund, will incentivise artists to have the opportunity to export their talent and arts outside of Malta’s borders. 

4. An increase on funding for local film productions

There was concern over local film productions not being allocated enough funding to make projects happen. For this, the funding dedicated to Screen Malta will be increased to 2,000,000 and the obligation to pay back the funding  for those benefiting from the scheme will be relinquished. 

5. Schemes for Village Feasts

The manifesto argues for guidelines for teaching music as a subject and investing in schemes which will help band organisations to encourage children to engage in learning how to master a musical instrument. The voluntary participation of local band clubs in Malta and Gozo will also be recognised. 

6. Restoration Projects 

Restoration is key in maintaining national heritage and keeping a site’s natural intention, as it was intended. There will be discussions and operations outsourced by private operators to complete restoration projects on let down  heritage buildings and chapels in Malta and Gozo. 

7. Strengthening the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra & Resources for ALL artists

A country that appreciates arts and culture, must include every facet of this important sector- for without it, we have no identity. Structural funding for Maltese artists and bands will be strengthened further so that these same aspiring artists can take their musical careers to the next level (looking forward to this one). The Malta Philharmonic Orchestra will see a newly devised holistic plan that will deliver new opportunities, as a result of international collaboration and audiovisual production. 

8. A concept for a national theatre

The manifesto proposes that a concept for a ‘national theatre’ will be incentivised for the performing arts. The reason for this is a unifying one- so that public cultural organisations, the artistics community and the private sector can create freely and openly and engage in projects. 

9. Arts: The Profession

After reducing income tax for artists to a rate of 7.5%, emerging artists and current ones will see more fiscal incentives and schemes which will strengthen their profession. The help given through these initiatives will also extend to new start-ups which form part of the creative sector. 

10. Tax reduction for authors

Part and parcel with the current legislative’s aim in reducing income tax on royalties, a new legislature will see a further reduction from 15% to 7.5%, with the aim of preserving Maltese authors and literature. 

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