At the top of the economic growth league table

Moody's confirms Malta's rating with a stable outlook.

Moody’s have maintained Malta’s A2 rating with a stable outlook, a positive sign compared to the recent downgrades for many other countries.  Slovakia, for example, is among several European nations facing a negative outlook on their ratings by Moody’s. The United States and China are also in the same boat, having received negative outlooks from the credit rating agency.

Moody’s experts argued that Malta’s rating is due to “its moderate debt burden, a sound institutional framework, and reasonably diversified economy”. In fact, they note that Malta is always at the top of the league table of economic growth. Moody’s report says that the Maltese economy is expected to continue growing strongly, mainly due to domestic demand that will remain strong, partly because there will be an increase in wages. Furthermore, the report claims that the deficit will continue to decrease, and debt will remain well below 60%.

In this context Moody’s explain Malta’s stable outlook based on “Malta’s wealthy and fast-growing economy”.

Moody’s is the third ratings agency to confirm its positive assessment of the Maltese economy this year.

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