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From minimum wage to living wage

Taken together, the additional mechanism against inflation and the generous increase in the children’s allowance and in the in-work benefit are bringing those on low incomes closer to the concept of a living wage. In recent years there has been a lot of discussion on the concept of the living wage. The latter is meant to ensure that a person working for 40 hours a week can afford the basics for a modest but decent life with no additional income. For instance, in the UK, the...

The curious case of David Cameron

Former British PM Cameron’s comeback is a significant development that calls for thoughtful analysis, and it provides Malta with the chance to learn from the UK's political trajectory, given the shared historical connections. Anyone who follows international politics will have observed with keen interest what has been happening in the UK over the last couple of days. One year ahead of going to the polls, Conservative Prime Minister Rishi Sunak carried out the second reshuffle of his...

Talk of the town (square)

Beneficial public projects are at times jeopardised by a lack of clear and timely communication with the public and other stakeholders, which is essential for building trust and support for such initiatives. Public awareness of the importance of trees for livable and sustainable communities has grown significantly in recent years. Any government body or entity that needs to remove or replace trees, especially in urban areas, should be fully aware beforehand of the public backlash that they will likely face. Facts are important, but so are emotions. When community members are already emotionally invested in an issue, rational arguments based on facts or technicalities are unlikely to achieve the intended effect to shift public opinion, at least in the short-term. People...

Game over for temping abuse

The proposed legislation concerning temporary workers aims to address several key concerns in the labour market, reflecting the government's commitment to meeting society’s evolving needs. The government is at an advanced stage of unveiling a significant draft legislation that concerns temporary workers. Parliamentary Secretary for Social Dialogue, Andy Ellul, unveiled a bit more about what is expected to change once the law is in force, framing these...

Karmenu: beyond the headlines

On the 5th November last year, Malta lost one of its sons, who served the nation and its people as Prime Minister from December 1984 to May 1987. An appreciation of Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici (1933-2022). The news that Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici had left this world at the age of 89 on the 5th of November 2022 shocked and saddened many, even though it had been known for a long time that he was becoming increasingly unwell. Upon his death, a new chapter in his story began to...