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One day you’ll wake up and ask, ‘What the fuck am I doing?’

Edward Said’s legacy: Our often racist or romanticised stereotypes of the Middle East create a worldview that justifies Western colonialism and imperialism. Twenty years ago last September, Edward Wadie Said   ̶   a Palestinian and American scholar, intellectual, and literary critic who was the pioneer and leading figure of post-colonial studies  ̶  passed away.  Said published innumersable influential books, including...
EP elections 2024

Your vote in the European elections: why it really matters

The more people turn out to vote, the stronger European democracy becomes, the Head of the European Parliament’s Office in Valletta tells The Journal. “Many of us still don’t realise how much the European Union influences our everyday lives and, therefore, how important it is to go to the polls next June to choose those who will represent us in the next European Parliament,” says Mario Sammut, Head of the...

“Bad habits must change” – notes on cleanliness

Asked to identify the biggest overall challenge in his remit, the Parliamentary Secretary for Public Cleanliness, Glenn Bedingfield, is clear: "people's mentality". The Parliamentary Secretariat for Public Cleanliness is currently consulting with various local councils to gain a comprehensive understanding of each locality’s unique cleanliness needs. The Journal spoke with Parliamentary Secretary Glenn Bedingfield, tasked...