The Journal


Mental health in the community

Local councils have a social obligation to ensure space for open and honest discussions at the community level to foster a general sense of social acceptance vis-à-vis mental health. In a world increasingly shaped and dominated by digital systems, the significance of the support that communities can provide for mental well-being cannot be overlooked. While professional assistance and medication undoubtedly remain crucial, what emerges from human...
European Union

Dealing with that “unfinished business”

The European Parliament plenary session that kicks off on Monday will be one of the last opportunities for MEPs to make progress on critical legislation before the electoral campaign for the June European elections fully engulfs their agendas. Marking a crucial moment in European democracy, around 370 million citizens across the 27 EU member states will be called to cast their ballots between 6th and 9th June. This vote will decide the composition of the European Parliament’s 10th term, which will...