Empire – an inchoate diaspora

The British colonisers took other traditions with them - respect for the rule of law, elected government, independence of the justiciary from the administration, military obedience to the civil power, and, above all, education. Peccavi! Mea culpa! Actually, it’s not that bad. Apparently all I did last time out when listing the many reasons why so many people left the UK for pastures new was to miss one important factor: weather! According to one Russell Green, “the climate of England has...

Construction: 5 immediate changes

After receiving the public inquiry report into Jean Paul Sofia's death at a Corradino construction site in December 2022, the Prime Minister confirmed the government's intention to pursue construction sector reforms and implement the report's recommendations. The Government has announced changes that it intends to carry out in the construction sector. Whilst some of these recommendations are already underway, others are part of the electoral manifesto, on which the Government has a mandate. Prime Minister Robert Abela...

Advocating for children with rare diseases

In memory of Naomi and countless others, let us unite in our efforts to champion the rights and well-being of children living with rare diseases. The 29th of February is Rare Disease Day, a day that helps shed light on the often overlooked struggles faced by many, including children battling rare conditions such as Leukodystrophy. This debilitating disease, characterised by the progressive degeneration of the...
European Union

“Consequences must be borne, justice must be served.”

“All those responsible for Navalny’s detention, ill-treatment, and death must be held to account.” Pedro Marques, S&D Vice President As widespread concern among MEPs grows regarding the threat Russia poses to European security, Alexei Navalny’s widow, Yulia Navalnaya, descibed Russian President Vladimir Putin to the European Parliament’s plenary session in Strasbourg  as the leader of a...
European Union

Maltese MEPs unanimously vote for anti-SLAPP rules

“SLAPP are a form of legal harassment and an abuse of the justice system, increasingly used by powerful individuals and organisations to avoid public scrutiny.” MEP Tiemo Wölken (S&D) All Maltese MEPs gave their green light to new rules to protect journalists, activists, and academics and their organisations against abusive lawsuits aimed at silencing them. During the European Parliament’s plenary session, which is currently convening in...
European Union

Taking responsibility for our waste challenges

“Waste traffickers exploit vulnerable populations in countries with lax waste regulations with devastating consequences, including child labour and escalating environmental and health problems.” MEP Cyrus Engerer (S&D) Europeans generated an average of 35 kg of waste per person in 2020, 23% higher than in 2010. Of this, 32.7 million tonnes were exported outside the EU, representing 16% of global waste trade. In addition, around 67 million tonnes of waste are shipped between EU...