Letter from Lilliput

Get rid of parliamentary immunity

The most striking and frequently hot scene in any parliamentary debate is that of politicians pointing their manicured fingers at and accusing each other of, well, lying. From time to time we get people on social media and the traditional Press appealing for the abolition of the parliamentary immunity that gives our MPs, of whichever side of the House, the right to say anything about you, including barefaced lies, without fear of any...

It’s time: let’s celebrate Disability Pride in Malta

Disability Pride Month is not just a celebration; it is a movement. Let us bring that movement to Malta and show the world that we are committed to inclusion, diversity, and pride for all. As a young disabled woman, I am proud to join millions around the world in celebrating Disability Pride Month every July. This month is a time to honour the accomplishments and resilience of the disabled community, challenge stigmas, and advocate for a more inclusive...
European UnionStories

What happens now?

With the European Parliament's new legislature set to officially start on Tuesday 16th July, The Journal takes a look at the process that began following last month's European elections. It’s already been one month since we European citizens exercised our democratic right by voting in the European Parliament elections. Our chosen representatives, the MEPs, now have the important tasks of adopting EU legislation, deciding on the EU budget, and...