COPping it out

Malta’s renewable energy efforts so far are well short of what is needed. In the meantime, the government has been spending hundreds of millions on subsidies for petrol, diesel, and gas. On 8th February, the media reported that, for the first time, global warming had exceeded 1.5oC across an entire year.  Temperatures have kept rising at a concerning pace, data from the EU’s Copernicus Climate Change Service from the past year shows. In...
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A safer, fairer, and more transparent online world

The EU's Digital Services Act, a major piece of European legislation that is expected to have a significant impact on how online platforms operate in the Union, takes effect today. Here’s what you need to know. The European Union’s Digital Services Act (DSA) comes into full force across the Union as of today. The is a landmark regulatory framework aimed at addressing the challenges posed by digital platforms, especially large online platforms and social media companies. The...
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“Heroes, not criminals – free them now!”

Activists from Malta gathered in Brussels, calling on MEPs to put pressure for the release of three young migrants who are at risk of facing life sentences in prison. Around 80 people – mostly human rights activists – from Malta have staged a protest in front of the European Parliament in Brussels to demand MEPs to put pressure on their home country to release the ‘El Hiblu 3’, in so doing bringing to an end what they described as...

Of courage and comments that stick

A Government Member of Parliament, lawyer, and mediator, Naomi Cachia was recently featured in an exhibition at the Labour Party headquarters, marking her historic appointment as the first female party whip. In a conversation with The Journal, she reflects on the significance of this achievement. “The fact that we’re an active party, commemorating such milestones and looking forward to more, shows that we’ve maintained an open-minded approach along the years. We continue to celebrate our diversity, not just as a symbolic gesture, but as a...