Awguri! New public spaces to enjoy this Christmas

December is the time where most of us hit the pause button on our daily hustle and bustle to make the most of the festivities and spend them with those we hold dear. Whilst in previous years we used to grasp this opportunity to tick off another country from our travel bucket list, some of us may now feel more inclined to spend the Christmas period in Malta, serving as an opportunity to be tourists in our own country – and we don’t need to look far for a source of inspiration. The recently erected Partit Laburista Christmas well wishes billboards are a perfect display of this, showcasing new spaces which were created by the Labour Government for families to enjoy. So here are 5 must-visit places for you to add to your Christmas activities:

Valletta Design Cluster – Valletta

Originally being Malta’s old abattoir, this space has been transformed into a hub for creatives – students, professionals, and organisations alike – where they can reach their aspirations and bring their projects to life. The €10.4 million investment on this area meant that a building which was neglected for more than 50 years is now given back to the community and has become a place where families can spend time together whilst enjoying this beautiful space. And if you have yet to finish off your Christmas shopping, and planning to do this in Valletta, the Valletta Design Cluster is an ideal hangout spot for you and your family to take a break between one shop and another.

Għeriexem Road – Rabat

The areas of Mdina and Rabat have a lot to offer when looking for places to go to whilst spending the day with the family – whether going for a tea and some pastizzi at one of the quaint cafes, visiting the flea market in Rabat, or roaming the medieval streets of the Silent City.  While you are in the area, it’s worth considering going for a scenic stroll through the recently reconstructed Għeriexem road in Rabat. With views of Mdina, Rabat and Mtarfa, this promenade is now providing a new belvedere of one of the most picturesque views in Malta. Comprising of 40 new trees and plants, and new solar powered-lighting, Għeriexem Road is definitely a must-visit for those who want to spend time with their loved ones whilst being active. The pathway also has a digital display that provides a figurative account of the amount of emissions saved. For those who would prefer to sit back and unwind whilst appreciating the views, there are also a number of benches along the promenade.

Wied Fulija – Zurrieq

They say that a walk in nature is good for the mind and soul, and Wied Fulija offers its visitors exactly that – What was once a landfill containing 2 billion kilograms of waste has been transformed into an area for the public to enjoy. With an investment of €4.5 million, Wied Fulija is now an open space with 43,000 trees and bushes, and paved passages where visitors can walk around whilst enjoying a panoramic view of the area.

Triton Square – Valletta

Synonymous with Malta and one of the landmarks of the European City of Culture of 2018, the Triton square has been transformed into a winter wonderland this Christmas. Most of us remember this square as a spread of yellow and red with the fountain hidden in the middle of a hectic bus terminus. 2018 saw the gateway to our capital given a much-needed facelift with the terminus moved to another area and a new square constructed. An investment of €8.5 million gave the entrance of Valletta a new lease of life and a fitting entrance to the grandness of the capital city. Santa’s City is running until the 2nd of January. From a Ferris Wheel providing a bird’s eye view of Valletta and other towns and villages in the area, to an ice rink where you can test your ice-skating skills, this year’s Santa’s City has something for the whole family.

BOV Adventure Park – Ta’ Qali

Greenery, fresh air and a fun area for all the family to enjoy, the newly constructed Ta’ Qali Adventure Park is definitely a spot to visit during this festive period. Part of a 6-area project, the size of 60 football stadiums, the Adventure park is equipped with new modern playing equipment which is powered by alternative solar energy and accessible for persons with disability. It’s also embellished with hundreds of new trees, flowers and shrubs, making this a fun day out for everyone.

Which of these open spaces are you visiting first?

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