Malta ranks high for retirees – BabaMail

Malta grabs a spot among BabaMail’s top 6 retirement havens for 2024, joining destinations known for affordability, good healthcare, and rich cultural experiences.

BabaMail, a family-friendly portal with content suitable for various age groups, ranks Malta among the top 6 retirement destinations for 2024, coming only behind Greece, Spain, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Cyprus/Northern Cyprus.

The portal says that, as the world gets smaller and communication gets better, several family members are often seen moving to work away from their home town or even their home country. However, it also opens the door to those looking to retire somewhere they can be happy and relaxed, expanding one’s options. 

The recommended list includes places that offer a mix of affordable living, quality healthcare, vibrant communities, and diverse cultural experiences, making them highly recommended for retirees seeking a fulfilling post-retirement life. The portal says that each location chosen has its unique charm and benefits, allowing retirees to pick a destination that best fits their lifestyle, budget, and interests.

Regarding Malta, it says that the island nation is appealing for its historical sites, English-speaking population, and Mediterranean lifestyle. Also, it offers an affordable cost of living, excellent healthcare, and a warm climate. 

It adds that the island’s easy residency process for retirees, coupled with Malta’s strategic location near mainland Europe, makes it an attractive destination for those looking to explore the Mediterranean region in their retirement years. 

Malta is also a magnet to those who enjoy casino games, attracting many international tournaments to its many friendly casinos. The site also points out that the smaller island of Gozo is even more sparsely populated, offers breathtaking views and, since it can only be reached by shuttle, a quieter way of life. 

About Malta’s healthcare quality and accessibility, BabaMail remarks that the country boasts an excellent healthcare system, ranking highly on a global scale, which is free at the point of delivery for residents, including those from other EU countries living in Malta. It also points out that there are also private healthcare options that offer faster access and additional services and that most healthcare professionals in Malta speak English. 

The portal also attaches a lot of importance to the island’s safety and security, saying that Malta is considered one of the safest countries in Europe, with low crime rates, including violent crime. It adds that petty theft and opportunistic crimes do occur but are relatively rare, and the country’s small size and effective police force contribute to the overall safety and security of residents and visitors alike.

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