Bernard, Bernard, we can’t hear you!

What a way to start a campaign. But seriously, can you disappoint your supporters further?

A David that sings, a David that fights, and a Roberta that misses another occasion.

Thank God they’re not even able to hold a transmission together until their leader speaks.

Go figure. What a way to start a campaign. But seriously, can you disappoint your supporters further?

And for the part that the transmission was holding together, my goodness, I bet that not even the most extremist of parties across Europe came out with such a negative and aggressive message.

They started with a jolly David Agius trying to tune the small crowd in front of him to sing “Nazzjunalisti”, to then conclude with the not so jolly David Casa taking pride in the “ħsara” he’s said to have proudly exerted in Brussels. And it didn’t stop there; he promised more. If you vote for him, he’s committed to use all his power, whatever that may be, to continue his negative campaign instead of enlightening us on what a vote for the PN at the next elections will offer to Malta’s future generations.

After Casa finished his rant and frantic body gestures it was the turn of the leader they’re so sorry to have, and the leader they wish to have.

Let’s start with the latter. What a disappointing speech. Metsola’s performances locally do not do justice to the stature she’s meant to carry within the European Parliament. She continued to try to delegitimise Malta’s legitimately elected Prime Minister with the largest majority ever, just a few days after she referred to Lawrence Gonzi as her Prime Minister. Dr Metsola, listen to this, democracy is not about what your establishment wants, but it’s about the will of the majority. And Maltese people are not interested in your personal career development or in David’s hatred of whoever is associated with Labour. Malta wants to progress, and not to reverse the clock.

Now, for Bernard, the transmission issues saved us the trouble. Good luck for the next one.

At least, seeing David Agius trying to get a disenchanted crowd to sing was somewhat entertaining.

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