Better than predicted

Figures for last November are proof that the average tourist coming to Malta is now of better quality than before the pandemic.

Last November was the best November in the history of the Maltese tourism sector. The number of tourists visiting the Maltese islands reached the record figure of 218,780. This signifies an increase of more than 27,000 tourists, or 14%, over the previous record observed in November 2019, i.e. before the pandemic. The result achieved was much better than experts were predicting.

During the same month, a record number of nights spent by tourists in Malta was also registered. This indicator reached 1.4 million nights, an amount that was 16% more than the previous record of 1.2 million nights. In fact, in November last year, the number of nights stayed had already reached its pre-pandemic level, as tourists were staying longer than they did in 2019.

However, the best result that has been achieved was that in the earnings of the tourism industry. This sector enjoyed revenues of €178 million, which means an increase of 24%, or €34 million more than the previous record. This had been achieved last year, because when it comes to tourist spending, the pre-pandemic record had already been breached last year.

These figures are proof that the average tourist coming to Malta is now of better quality than before the pandemic. This is because lenghts of stay are longer while the average spend is better. Furthermore the largest element behind the increase in spending was not the price of flights but that of accommodation here in Malta, as well as other expenditure during the holiday.

An industry that just three years ago was being given for dead is now steaming ahead much better than it ever was.

 November 2023Previous record for the month of November  
Number of tourists218,780191,618
Number of nights stayed1.4 million1.2 million
Tourist earnings€178 million€144 million

Photo: Efrem Efre

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