Beyond “because I said so”

First national guide for promoting child participation unveiled.

Adults are taking decisions for children all the time and, while they think this is in the children’s best interest, they may sometimes be failing them in many ways.

This position of power means children are very rarely consulted about decisions that impact their lives, which is why the Malta Foundation for the Wellbeing of Society (MFWS) felt the need to fill the vacuum and launch the first national guide for promoting child participation.

Rolled out this week, The Toolkit for Promoting Child Participation is the culmination of ten years’ hard work and research by the Foundation. It is a comprehensive guide designed to help adults, professionals, and stakeholders better involve children in various decision-making processes.

It delves into the multifaceted benefits of child participation, emphasising the positive impacts on both children and the respective authorities, agencies, or fields involved. Additionally, it addresses potential challenges and offers strategies for adults to effectively overcome them.

To deliver this, the MFWS will soon become a licensed higher education training institution; a major milestone for the foundation, which is this year marking the tenth anniversary from its formation during the Presidency of Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca.

Ms Coleiro Preca, champion of children’s rights and chair of the MFWS, said it was rewarding to finally release this toolkit, which after long years of hard work by experts and practitioners would serve to safeguard children’s rights to be listened to, be taken seriously, and have their ideas transformed into reality.

During the launch, youngsters from the MFWS Children’s Council also shared their experiences and insights about the importance of child participation.

For more information on the toolkit send an email on [email protected].

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