Budget 2022: A game changer for Malta’s environment

Labour administrations have been criticised as not providing as much impetus on environmental policy as they have done on other areas, such as the economy or civil liberties. This criticism has been addressed “head-on”in Budget 2022, which some commentators have described as “the green budget”

This Budget includes a plethora of green measures, such as:

 No stamp duty or capital gains tax on the sale of vacant properties, properties in UCAs or properties that have traditional Maltese features.

  • Those purchasing vacant properties, properties in UCAs or properties that have traditional Maltese features can receive a VAT grant of up to €54,000.
  • First-time buyers purchasing these properties get a grant of €15,000, rising to €30,000 if the property is in Gozo.
  • More regulation of the construction sector through the newly established regulator.
  • An aesthetics policy will be launched.
  • Inwadar will become the largest afforested area after Buskett, covering half a million square metres and with 52,000 trees.
  • A monitoring board will be set up to assess adherence to the low carbon development strategy.
  • New urban green areas in Zabbar, Qormi, Hamrun, Paola and Mosta.
  • Studies on new green pedestrian spaces in Santa Venera and Floriana.
  • Regeneration of Family parks and intensification of works on the National Park in Ta’ Qali, where more than 59,500 trees will be planted.
  • The restoration of 30 km of traditional rubble walls in Gozo.
  • Home visits to vulnerable households to help them become more energy-efficient.
  • More assistance to NGOs and sports organisations to invest in energy-efficiency.
  • The establishment of funds so that more public buildings use solar energy.
  • New lighting system in Valletta that uses renewable energy.
  • A starter-kit with sustainable products to every family with a new child.
  • Free public transport for all.
  • More investment to enable the use of fast ferry services in Malta.
  • The grant to scrap polluting vehicles was raised by €1,000 in Gozo.
  • The grant to purchase an electric or hybrid vehicle was increased by €3,000.
  • No registration tax and no road license for the first 5 years of a newly registered electric or hybrid car.
  • New Malta Enterprise scheme to help firms convert to using electric vehicles.
  • The installation of 1,200 charging points for electric vehicles.
  • A €200 million investment in waste-to-energy.
  • Extension of new water network.
  • An €8,000 grant for farmers to plant fruit trees in land that up to now was not being utilised.
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