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The day(s) of reflection to turn the tide

The twopence from a private citizen who had been close to the Partit Laburista in the past but did not support the party on Saturday 8th June. Forget the pseudo ‘day of reflection’ on the eve of voting day that is not observed at all by none other than the political parties themselves. The most important and urgent reflection is needed right now in the wake of the unexpected result of the European Parliament...
EP elections 2024Voices

Can the PL recover?

The Labour Party must, once and for all, close the 2013-2017 chapter. It was a chapter of great economic and civil progress, but a disaster in good governance and ethics. The outcome of the elections for the European Parliament has rightly been described as a seismic result.  While both major parties have celebrated, there is absolutely no doubt that both have won and lost.  They both need to learn some lessons.  The one...
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A victim of its own success

No one in their right mind would wake up in the morning of a shock electoral result and avoid comment on what could have been the causes and where to from here. Straight from the outset: this is no apologetic exercise. The Journal has gained the reputation of a Labour-inclined electronic outlet but with an obvious disposition for free and fair comment. No one in their right mind would wake up in the morning of a shock...
EP elections 2024

Agius Saliba, Attard, Bajada are Labour’s 3 MEPs

Together with the 3 MEPs elected on the Nationalist Party’s ticket, they will form the Maltese delegation in the European Parliament for the next 5 years. It has been confirmed that the Labour Party’s members in the European Parliament for the next five years will be Alex Agius Saliba, Daniel Attard, and Thomas Bajada. While this will be the first term for Attard and Bajada, it will be the second one for Agius Saliba,...
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Should it stay or should it go?

Whether to maintain, abolish, or adapt the notion of pre-electoral silence is “a discussion that needs to be made”, says the Chief Electoral Commissioner. A debate is brewing: maintain, abolish, or adapt – what’s the future of the legal provision requring ‘pre-electoral silence’? “It is a discussion that needs to be made, considering the significant societal changes, especially the introduction and growth of...