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Taxing and spending

To continue to reduce the fiscal deficit, alleviate poverty, and support climate action, Malta needs to spend better while increasing tax collection and making the tax system more equitable and efficient. “Collecting More and Spending Better”: that could be a good commitment for any political party to make prior to the next general election. Why? Because, following the Covid pandemic and the war in Ukraine, the fiscal environment has remained challenging. Public debt...
Camille Franke's Blog

Viktor, pay up

I appeal to Malta’s MEPs to ask the European Commission to distribute the €200 million among the Member States that need assistance in coping with asylum applicants. In a major judgment last week, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ordered Hungary to pay a €200m fine for its refusal to uphold the rights of asylum seekers in what was described as an “unprecedented” breach of EU law by the bloc’s highest court. It also ordered...