Children’s education helps fight poverty

I’m all for helping children in their education as that is the way of fighting poverty in Malta, Fr Hilary Tagliaferro, founder of the Millenium Chapel said on theDailySpot,’s daily analysis of the 2022 electoral campaign.

Yesterday’s episode focused on Labour’s guarantee for children, which includes a set of proposals from laptops to each child in secondary school, to a back-to-school pack to children of low-income families and free childcare to all children irrespective of their parents’ working status.

I truly believe that one of the best ways of fighting poverty is better education. So when I see governments, whoever they are, finding new ways of helping children in their education, I am all for it because that is the way of fighting poverty in Malta,” Fr Hilary said.

He added that when children are better educated, they will find their own way of making a living, overcoming poverty.

Well done to anyone who helps eradicate poverty in Malta. I endorse it, I encourage it and I approve it,” he said.

‘Well done for anyone who helps eradicate poverty in Malta. I endorse it, I encourage it and I approve it’ – Fr Hilary Tagliaferro

On her part, assistant head teacher Mirana Agius Silvio noted that in the past few years, there has been a boost to address situations of children coming from low socio-economic backgrounds.

Labour is also pledging to increase the tax credit for parents whose children take part in extra-curricular activities, from the current €100 to €300.

Reacting to this proposal, Fr Tagliaferro said that our education system is relying too much on books and exams.

“Extra-curricular activities help children, especially arts, music and sports. These are the things that help children grow holistically complete. I am all for this, to encourage having many more extra-curricular activities. I support all that is being done,” he said.

Ms Agius Silvio said that from experience, students who come from low socio-economic backgrounds are less exposed to such activities.

I believe that such initiative, paired with other initiatives that schools have been taking, will make extra-curricular activities accessible to all students, irrispective of their socio-economic background.”

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