“Citizens should remain at the centre of our decisions” – PM Robert Abela

“In every decision and action we take, citizens must be kept at the centre, in order to achieve their aspirations.” Prime Minister Robert Abela made this declaration as he was participating in an Informal meeting of European Leaders, and the EU-Western Balkans summit held in Slovenia over the past two days.

With the role of the EU on the international stage on the agenda, Prime Minister Robert Abela said that there should be a coordinated and collective effort to strengthen the role of the European Union.

“I welcome the discussion on the EU’s autonomous strategy. I believe that we should be in a position to anticipate such situations, rather than be reactive. This is the way we should lead the European Union, and this can only be done if we strengthen our resilience,” he declared.

Leaders also held a preliminary discussion on rising energy prices across Europe, before a more detailed discussion at the European Council meeting in Brussels later this month. In this discussion, Prime Minister Robert Abela said that not every country has the same means and technologies to produce or buy electricity and therefore, there is no room for a ‘one size fits all approach’.

The Maltese Prime Minister said that his government’s aim remains that of ensuring the protection of the interests of Maltese citizens and businesses.

At the EU summit with Balkan countries, the Prime Minister reiterated the importance of further cooperation with these countries to ensure greater peace and prosperity.

The Maltese Government, he added, supports the EU enlargement process, and accession of these countries to the European Union.

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