Curious to see the Hamrun milk factory turned into open space

“I work in Hamrun and I’m really curious to see how the milk factory will be turned into an open space. I think that I would be one of the first people to spend the work break there.” Social worker and activist Omar Rababah said this in comments he made on theDailySpot,’s daily analysis of the 2022 electoral campaign.

Rababah welcomed the first set of proposals announced by the Labour Party, particularly the ones related to the environment.

On Labour’s pledge to increase stipends by 15%, he said that a decent stipend is important to help students through their studies.

“I welcome the proposed increase in stipends. I believe in the stipends, as I was one that benefitted from them. I’m sure that if there were no stipends I would not have been able to complete my studies,” he said.

Rababah also praised Labour’s commitment to help the vulnerable. 

“As a social worker I’m very pleased that the Labour Party is thinking about vulnerable people. I welcome the proposal of a new centre to cater for people with disability,” he concluded.

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