Deciding what Malta and Europe we want to live in

Second phase of EU-wide campaign focuses on the importance of voting to protect democracy in Europe. In Malta, the PL kicks off its electoral campaign, adapting a line from the national anthem for its slogan.

To further inform EU citizens and encourage them to vote in the June European elections, the European Parliament has launched the second phase of its institutional communication strategy.

With “Use Your Vote. Or others will decide for you” as its tagline, this second phase highlights the importance of safguarding democracy. It encompasses a multifaceted approach, including media events, digital outreach, public and private partners’ involvement, community engagement initiatives, and educational programmes tailored to resonate with citizens across the EU.

Among the outreach efforts used, the 4-minute film “Use your vote” features testimonies of senior citizens from different EU countries passing on their stories about democracy to the next generations and underlining that this democratic right cannot be taken for granted.

“Strength to the Maltese”

Meanwhile, in Malta, the Labour Party officially launched its campaign for the European and local elections yesterday, at the conclusion of the party’s general conference, adapting a powerful verse from the national anthem (is-saħħa lill-ħaddiem – strength to the workers) to forge ‘Is-Saħħa lill-Maltin’ (Strength to the Maltese) as a slogan. Both elections will take place concurrently on Saturday, 8th June.

Prime Minister and party leader Robert Abela presented the slogan as a response to the concerns raised by the public at recent town hall meetings. “We want to empower. That’s what we are here for; that’s why I have entered politics. We are here for our country, in which we believe so much. Yes, I believe in Malta. Yes, we live in a beautiful country. We live in a beautiful country of which we should be proud.               Yes, our country is unique. We Gozitans and Maltese have made this country what it is today through our tireless work,” he told the conference convening at the Labour National Centre in Ħamrun.

The Nationalist Party is yet to launch its campaign.

Interest in EU elections on the rise

Between 6th and 9th June 2024, more than 370 million people across 27 EU Member States are called to vote in the European elections.

In 2019, more than half of eligible voters in Europe turned out to vote (50.6%). The European Parliament’s Spring 2024 Eurobarometer survey, with more than 26 000 respondents in all EU Member States, has shown that 60% of Europeans are interested in the 6th-9th June elections, 11 points more than in spring 2019 (three months prior to the previous European elections). Additionally, 71% say that it is likely that they will vote, again 10 more points than last time.

Findings also suggest that four in five Europeans agree that “voting is important to keep democracy strong” (81%) and that “voting is important to ensure a better future for the next generations” (84%). More than eight in ten Europeans (81%) believe voting is even more important given the current geopolitical situation.

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