Drone Delivery Service: A Multi-Faceted Game Changing Technology

In a short span of time, what was once a niche type market where a small group of drone hobbyists utilised such a technology for joy in their free time has over the years transformed into a worldwide multi-faceted game changing technology.

Technological improvements paved way, and a drone with a more diverse range of purposes became available, which skyrocketed in popularity and entered the mainstream market. Be it for shooting scenic photographic images as well aesthetic film sequences, or for wildlife and historical conservation or even on a more majestic spectrum for astronomical use, the drone became the go-to tool for a diverse array of both social and commercial uses with the hopes of being a large contributor towards a healthier economy.

Locally speaking, drones are also making a major breakthrough.

First and foremost, it is important to note that Mata offers an online drone portal, available to assist drone operators by facilitating processes such as quicker and easier flight plan submissions and better access to weather forecasts on the day of their intended flight.

Fast forward a few months and the first drone academy was launched to provide advanced drone training for those interested in avionics and further want to expand their knowledge and expertise drones.

The great thing about drones is that they are small, fast, agile, self-guiding, and can carry things. The latest update in Malta concerns the latter and a successful first trial maiden voyage between Malta and Comino took place where once again a new window of opportunities and possibilites had arisen for our country.

Weighing 25kg, able to carry a total capacity of 10kg and can travel with a maximum velocity of 80km an hour equating almost to a kilometre per minute, the first drone delivery flight in Malta was an exercise to transport blood supply, marking the first strong and positive impact that such a technology can offer for the medical sector.

Weighing 25kg, able to carry a total capacity of 10kg and can travel with a maximum velocity of 80km an hour.

But not only that, it is important to dissect further and point out the way forward for Malta in terms of drone delivery usage.

In the agricultural world, for example, an important feature that these drones offer is the fact that they are very accurate in data collection in instances where normally data is either extremely difficult, or even impossible, to collect before. In various parts of the world, drones with special thermal cameras are allowing researchers to investigate water consumption rates of several varieties of crops. The drones’ data collection feature is so accurate and detailed that farmers can know with precision how big the harvest will be, and therefore can better estimate how much money they’ll make. Therefore, better budget decisions can be made with this information which although for most can be a minor contribution towards economy yet it definitely is an effective one.

On an environmental level, these unmanned delivery drones can significantly reduce the number of delivery trucks and vans on the road among others and thus contributing to less traffic on the roads. Furthermore, though, due to the fact that they’re fully-electric, they  may have the potential to even be powered by renewable energy and thus create a 100% emission-free deliveries.

Locally speaking, this technology is another stepping stone towards an emissionless Malta, in conformity with the European Green Deal.

Another interesting side to this is the fact that Malta has seen a spike in online food orders especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies have enbarked on a food delivery service with a mission where at the click of a button, thanks to an App, you can get your food order delivered within minutes at your door.

But can you imagine if that food is travelled to your front door in lesser time and with an unmanned vehicle which is fully electric and contributes to no emissions in the air?

Who knows? The sky is the limit….

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