Drown your sorrows

The story reminded me of a James Barker Band single, ‘Wastin’ Whiskey’.

A woman was recently found guilty of unlawfully taking her estranged husband’s €9,000 whisky collection, which he had amassed since he was 18 years old.  The 30-bottle collection was kept at a boutique hotel in Vittoriosa which the woman owned jointly with him.

The woman admitted to the Police that she had taken the expensive bottles but insisted she had done so to protect them from being damaged during ongoing restoration works.  Her estranged husband, however, pressed on and presented some receipts which indicated that he had bought many of the bottles before the two got married.  He refused her suggestion that they split the collection between them. The woman got off rather lightly, I would say, as she was handed a conditional discharge, though she was also ordered to return the whisky bottles. 

The story reminded me of a James Barker Band single, Wastin’ Whiskey, where the boys perfectly capture that oh-so-relatable feeling of desperation that comes with the end of a relationship – the inability to move on, no matter how deeply you try to drown your sorrows, which was surely the case with the woman in question.

Barker sings:  “Every picture, every old pair of jeans/Pile them up in the back/Take a pull, strike a match/And pour that bottom shelf out like gasoline/It’d do more than it’s doing for me,” highlighting just how ineffectual drinking to forget can sometimes be; it’s just a waste of whiskey.

With the melancholy guitar and Barker’s smooth vocals, this tune hits true. If you’re going through a recent soul-crushing breakup, throw this one on repeat at full volume while you’re wastin’ whiskey (or whatever your poison may be). 

You might sing along with him: “I could take this bottom half of this fifth of Jack/
And pour it right down the drain/Or just stay right here ’til the glass is clear/
You ain’t coming back either way.”

Photo: Charlotte May

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