€10 million for new facility to maximise the value of waste

A new facility at WasteServ’s ECOHIVE complex at Magħtab in Naxxar will be built between two landfills.

Through an investment of over €10 million, the facility will be maximising the value of bulky waste, without taking up any more land.

This facility will be accepting bulky waste from open-topped skips.

Once at the facility, these materials will be separated according to the type of waste, and processed separately with the aim of increasing the value of the material for export.

The processes performed at this facility are aimed at recovering as much material as possible effectively reducing waste directed to the landfill. This will continue to further improve Malta’s recycling rate which is already reaching record levels.

Around 47,000 tonnes of mixed bulky waste are delivered in open-topped skips per year. With this facilityWasteServ will be separating this waste so that it can be turned into a resource and so diverting waste away from the landfill.

WasteServ will be separating bulky waste so that it can be turned into a resource and so diverting waste away from the landfill.

The waste recovery process within the facility will contribute towards a more sustainable waste management practice with the long-term benefits of preserving landfill capacity and extending landfill lifetime, contributing to the circular economy of waste, and minimising land requisitioned for waste disposal.

The facility’s layout shall be flexible to accommodate expected fluctuating behaviours in waste generation and disposal.

Other benefits

  • Avoidance of landfilling waste and effects thereof;
  • Source segregated waste;
  •  Recovery of recyclable waste and fractions of value which will benefit facilities such as the future WtE and the Multi-Material Recovery Facility, and help towards the promotion of a healthier waste management economy;
  • Reaching a more comprehensive and assertive monitoring system of all waste streams reaching end-of-life cycle;
  • Achieving established waste disposal targets as set by directives and guidance plans;
  • Direct and indirect employment benefits.

This facility will be part of the €500 million investment in the ECOHIVE Project which will give rise to four state-of-the art waste management plants.

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