€10 million investment transforms Mellieħa coastline

The project brings significant benefits to locals and tourists, improving safety, accessibility, and the overall look and feel of the area.

After having been shelved since the 1980s due to its complexity, the infrastructural project in Triq il-Marfa, Mellieħa — known as Triq tal-Għadira — has been completed.  The project is beneficial for local residents and tourists alike, with improved safety, accessibility, and overall enhancement of the area.

With an investment of €10 million, the comprehensive project included several key improvements:

  • Road reconstruction: The entire road was rebuilt to modern standards.
  • Utility upgrades: New water services and energy distribution systems were installed, ensuring reliable infrastructure for the area.
  • Promenade ehancement: The Malta Tourism Authority worked on the rebuilding of the promenade, stretching from the roundabout where Għadira Bay begins to the Armier parking lot, providing a scenic and safe pathway for pedestrians.

Additionally, the project introduced:

  • Parking lots: New parking facilities were added on the beach side to accommodate the influx of visitors.
  • Pedestrian infrastructure: Improved pedestrian walkways were implemented to enhance safety and accessibility for the hundreds of thousands of people who frequent the area.

The collaboration between Infrastructure Malta and the Malta Tourism Authority was key to the project’s success, ensuring that the infrastructural and aesthetic enhancements met both practical needs and the high standards expected by the community and visitors.

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