Encouraging and enabling post-secondary education

New €500 allowance reaches over 10,500 families with post-secondary students.

On the 25th anniversary of the introduction of the children’s allowance, Government has introduced a new special allowance for families with post-secondary students.

As announced in the 2024 Budget, the payment of the special allowance for families with post-secondary students is €500 per year and will be paid up to a maximum of three years. Around 10,500 families qualified for this allowance with a social investment of almost €5.2 million.  More than 800 families got a payment for more than one child.

In the 2024 Budget, only those with children between 16 and 19 years of age who were studying would receive the payment.  However, to take into consideration situations of students who start their post-secondary studies later after having either repeated a secondary year or taken a gap year, or because of other situations, the criteria have been broadened so that anyone who has started the school year but has not reached 20 also benefits.

Another improvement is that anyone who is in post-secondary education and was not yet in their 20s when the current school year started will also benefit from the maximum three payments of €500 per year if they remain in post-secondary education.

To qualify, parents must be resident in Malta for at least the last five years. Student stipends will not be affected, and parents will qualify even if the students are working part-time. In cases where students are living alone the payment will be made to them.

Photo: Anastasiya Gepp

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