Enhancing community health services

Nine new community health centres and clinics.

In a significant step towards enhancing healthcare accessibility, Malta and Gozo are set to witness the inauguration of nine new community health centres and clinics across various localities within the year.

Three of these vital healthcare facilities have already been inaugurated within the past three weeks, marking a pivotal step in the government’s commitment to strengthening community health services.

Earlier this month, the community of Ħal Għargħur celebrated the opening of a new clinic, a facility intended to significantly improve the local healthcare landscape. The clinic is equipped to offer a range of essential services including family medicine, speech language pathology, and podiatry, among others. It’s estimated that over 5,000 residents from the village and its neighboring areas will benefit from the clinic’s services, highlighting its crucial role in the community’s health and well-being.

By the end of the week, we will have seen the inauguration of two additional clinics. One in Qala, Gozo, was inaugurated yesterday. Another one in Birżebbuġa will be inaugurated today. The Qala clinic stands out for introducing the first eye screening service available in a Gozo Community Clinic, alongside other services such as family medicine, speech and language pathology, physiotherapy, and podiatry. This facility emphasises preventive care, offering services like first aid, blood pressure and blood sugar testing, all designed to cater to the needs of Qala’s residents and those in the surrounding areas.

Moreover, the Qala clinic adopts a comprehensive approach to care, ensuring patients have access to continuous care with the same healthcare professional, whether it be a doctor or a nurse, via appointments. This clinic also marks the debut of physiotherapy, podiatry, and speech language pathology services within the community clinic setting in Qala, aiming to better meet the healthcare needs of the local population.

A key feature enhancing the patient care experience across these new facilities is the implementation of the Electronic Patient Record system. This computerised system ensures full accessibility to timely professional services, streamlining patient management and care continuity.

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