Enhancing the urban environment and cultural heritage of Kottonera

The vision for Kottonera is to improve the environmental and social standard in the inner harbour area. This can be done by improving the quality of the urban environment and emphasising the importance of cultural heritage by initiating more cultural infrastructure and activities to attract more people to Kottonera.

There are various capital projects which are currently in progress. Among these restoration works are the restoration of St Michael Bastions and the Senglea entrance with an investment of €3.1 million. This includes the restoration of the bastion and tunnel entrance walls overlooking Palumbo Shipyard, the bastion breech overlooking Maċina, the Belvedere Gardiola, and other bastions, planters, and walls. The first phase of this restoration project has been unveiled.

Restoration works are in progress at the St John Bastion which is part of the Kottonera Lines and will cost around €2.7 million. The Foundation is in continuous communication with all stakeholders to ensure that the projects are completed in due time. While drafting the Kottonera Strategy, many people expressed their desire to see Fort Ricasoli restored. As a result, the fortification was put high on the priority list and €1 million was allocated to restore it. The works on casemated battery 1 curtain and St Dominic’s counterguard front facade have been completed whilst works have already started on St Dominic’s demi-bastion.

Fort Ricasoli was put high on the priority list and €1 million was allocated to restore it.

The connectivity between Kottonera and Valletta was strengthened, a move which proved to be beneficial to both areas since people can cross from one area to the other in a short period of time. As a result, people are more inclined to visit these areas and this generates the economy of Kottonera whilst creating more job opportunities. People in Valletta can see Kottonera on the other side of the harbour and vice versa. This entices them to visit the two historical areas by crossing the harbour by sea whilst admiring the uniqueness of the Maltese harbour and heritage. It is advantageous for both areas as tourists who stay in the south of Malta can easily travel to Valletta whilst tourists who reside in the centre and north of Malta travel to Kottonera to visit the historical sites.

The Government established the Kottonera Foundation to coordinate and ensure effective implementation of all the measures in line with their timely targets.

The Kottonera Foundation is in continuous communication with Infrastructure Malta on the €9 million investment in the Sally Port area. These works include the rebuilding of a 600 metre stretch of quay in the area known as it-Toqba, up to the Kalkara entrance. This project will give a new look to Kottonera as it was depicted in the strategy for Kottonera document.

The Foundation also communicates with the Grand Harbour Regeneration Corporation regarding the €6 million project of the Kalkara Waterfront which has seen the preperation works beginning in March. This project will result in the realignment of the coastal road next to the sea to make way for a square in front of the parish church which will be mostly for pedestrians. The Government has allocated €20 million for the capital projects in Kottonera. All the underlying infrastructure will be upgraded, while utility cables will be removed from the facades and routed in a services culvert.

Although a lot has been achieved, there are many other upcoming projects are in the pipeline. These projects are beneficial to the residents of Kottonera but will also attract more tourists to visit the area of historical and cultural importance. All these projects are a step forward towards the fulfilment of the Kottonera Foundation’s vision to restore Kottonera to its former glory, as the centre of Malta’s economy and social activity.

Socials: Numerous projects are currently underway to enhance the urban environment and cultural heritage of Kottonera. The aim of the improvement of the environmental and social standard in the inner harbour area, is to restore the area to its former glory. Do you see Kottonera as the centre of Malta’s economy and social activity?

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