Equality activists welcome Labour’s proposals

Labour is proposing excellent proposals specifically targeting woman, and more importantly, vulnerable women, equality activist Pia Micallef said on theDailySpot, theJournal.mt’s daily analysis of the 2022 electoral campaign.

Yesterday, on International Women’s Day, the Labour Party announced a set of proposals that will impact positively the welfare of women.

Micallef noted particularly Labour’s pledge to provide IUDs, the Morning After Pill and contraceptives for free.  

On Labour’s pledge to refund 30% of pay to companies which employ previously inactive women over the age of 40, Micallef said that this will empower women and give the the freedom to enjoy work.

Of course, the extension of free childcare is most definitely going to help a number of us deal with work-life balance. We know that this is the key to gender equality,” she said, adding that gender equality is a struggle that we must continue to battle together.

Watch today’s episode this afternoon on theJournal.mt’s Facebook page.

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