Exploring Filfla’s unique character

We’re heading south. All the way down to the southernmost point of the Maltese Archipelago, and to the islet of Filfla. 

This week Conrad takes us on an informative journey on the species that live on Filfla. With the help of Arnold Sciberras, we’ll get to know more about the history, flora and fauna, including the unique wall lizard.

Filfla is surrounded by spectacular waters, which Conrad gets the chance to dive into at the end of the episode.

Watch this week’s CNG Trekventures episode below.

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Dr. Mark Said
Dr. Mark Said
2 years ago

An amazing and spectacular video. Filfla is very close to my heart and reminds me of my adolescent summery days spent at Lapsi from where I used to take in the wonderful views of this unique islet.