Faster repairs, better streets

€10 million boost to expedite infrastructure issues in towns and villages.

Pavements that need to be made, roads that need to be repaired, and the need for better street lighting. These might seem minor when considered in the broader scope of things, but they significantly affect everyday life in our towns and villages.

This issue was discussed during a political event in Mellieħa earlier this week, with the Prime Minister explaining that, for this reason, a framework agreement was recently sealed to enhance collaboration between the Department of Public Works and all local councils in Malta.

Prime Minister Robert Abela said: “What do people ask? They ask why a large infrastructural project can be completed on time, without delay, yet a pavement takes months to construct, or a small road, a side street, takes months to be repaired. A large infrastructural project is carried out quickly because the resources are mobilised for it, while these smaller projects do not proceed at that pace. This initiative has been designed with that very purpose in mind.”

With an allocation of €10 million, this agreement aims to streamline the process for local councils to implement infrastructural works in their localities, including maintenance and emergency works, benefiting residents and visitors alike.

Whilst projects originate from local councils and will continue to do so, the Public Works Department will further strengthen its resources to ensure that the projects local councils dream of can be implemented and turned into reality.

In the first phase, a specific portal will be set up to facilitate the submission of work requests by communities. While the final decision remains with the local councils, non-governmental organisations will also be able to propose works. The Public Works Department will continue to be responsible for overseeing the works and ensuring their execution.

“We have created a framework that will eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy and alleviate frustration when local councils carry out these works. There is finance, there are resources, and we will soon start seeing the concrete results,” the Prime Minister promised.

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