First-time voters: our future decision makers

On theDailySpot #30 we addressed first-time voters: Malta’s generation-in-waiting, our future decision-makers.

The young generation is inheriting very strong economic foundations, but what’s in it for you, and how are you going to be relevant players in making our country a success story in the long term?

Young people don’t need to be patronised, but empowered. They don’t need to be restrained, but given a platform. From what I can see, you’re not stuck in the past. Actually, you can’t wait to conquer the future.

Forget about Malta’s tribal political past. Work towards crushing any tribalism in the present. On Saturday, let’s make sure we take Malta to the next level, and choose the vision that matches your dream.

Let’s create the right environment, and make sure that you become part of Malta’s bright future.

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