Food security: 10 takeaways from the Labour Party manifesto

We took a couple of key proposals, 10 to be exact, from the Labour Party manifesto for the upcoming general election. These proposals pertain to Food Security, which is a core pillar of social responsibility. We did this, so that you don’t have to!

1. A Self-Sustaining Island

Our size and geographical location should not affect our ability to sustain ourselves or depend fully on others. A new administration will implement a national policy which will guarantee a more robust food production system.

2. A new Regulatory Body

A new Labour government will ensure that a new regulatory body is established. The aim of this regulator is to be focused on food security, ensure good quality in food products and ensure a fair competition environment for Maltese food producers. 

3. Tackling Food Waste

The Labour Manifesto maintains that food waste goes against the Labour Party’s principles of social justice and responsibility. An agreement will be devised between food producers and sellers, which will aim to see food which is near its sell by date, be used by Non-Governmental Organisations. This will see that food waste is avoided en masse. 

4. Organic Produce

A National Action Plan for Organic Produce in Malta will be implemented, this will also aid the transition for local farmers. 

5. ‘Use Local ✔️’

Every effort in one’ purview should be made to support local produce and products. A certificate will be introduced so that restaurants, grocery stores and agricultural agencies that serve fresh and local produce. Such produce would need to be grown using methods which reduce their overall environmental impact. 

6. Revising Agricultural Lease Laws

The laws which pertain to agricultural tenancies will be reviewed and updated to reflect the needs and realities faced by landlords and farmers. 

7. Introducing Carbon Farming

Carbon Farming aims to reduce climate change, all the while improving agricultural soils. A new scheme will be initiated to introduce carbon farming- funding can go up to 8,000 euros. This scheme is aimed at farmers who make low produce or are currently not making use of their agricultural land, the scheme will help to convert such land into agroforestry. 

8. Know Your Fisheries

An information campaign will be launched to educate the public about less mainstream fisheries products, which nevertheless, have high nutritional value. This aforementioned certification will also be extended for fish stocks- the aim will be to introduce accessible traceability and information on making the most out of cooking fish. 

9. Open Consultation on Fisheries Legislation

Given how drastic changes can impact our local fishermen, the Labour Party will initiate an open consultation with all fishermen (recreational, seasonal..) in order to ensure that the legal framework caters more for the sustainability and future of local fisheries. 

10. Taking the Farmers’ Market to the next level 

A building currently under construction which will see a farmers market in Ta’ Qali, will be completed in the upcoming legislature. This will be accessible for both sellers and buyers, and both parties will benefit from several new facilities. There will also be a process of identifying a new site which will host a village aimed at promoting Maltese produce and products. 

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