For the love of God!

We live in a funny country.  Just a few weeks ago, Malta topped the ILGA list for gay rights.

Let us cherish the fact that we top the ILGA list for our laws protecting gay rights. We are such an open-minded country, so accepting of people’s differences . . . Or are we?

Malta is still predominantly Catholic, and sadly Catholicism does little to perpetuate its desired image of Religion of Love. Ooooh, I hear you saying. Let me explain. 

Many among us, though admittedly diminishing in numbers, follow the Church’s teachings and what the Pope says blindly. Just earlier in May, the Pope surprised everyone by declaring that his church cannot bless gay weddings, because, you know, we love gay people and we accept them . . . we just can’t accept sin. This position troubles me greatly. It is like me saying I love Catholics but I can’t accept their prayers, or saying I love Catholics but can’t accept them receiving Holy Communion.

Again, the sanctimonious will raise their eyebrows. Gay sex is a sin, I hear them saying. Prayer and Holy Communion are what brings us closer to God. Bullocks! Gay sex is part of a gay person’s life as much as praying and receiving Holy Communion should be part of a Catholic’s life. Not accepting the SEX part of a gay person’s life is just the same as not accepting the same gay person. 

Not accepting the sex part of a gay person’s life is just the same as not accepting the same gay person. 

Personally, were I a gay person, I would just stick the middle finger up the Church’s face and get on with my life and live it the way I think it best. But there are those of us who are gay, bi, trans or non-binary who feel they still want to be close to God. Drachma does a great job with these people but it is a bit like banging your head against a wall, knowing that the Church you want to be part of does not accept you and wants you to be a different person.

There are of course those members of the Catholic Church who are better than their church. There are those who accept everyone. There are those who truly tend to the flock. And their number is rising by the day. In fact, they give me hope. It is thanks to these people, to these priests and nuns, to these commoners that I stop short from labelling Catholicism a Hate Group. There are those who see the differences in sexuality, binary, race, religion and what have you as the spice of life.

My bone of contention is with that core group of religious that, as I said, refuse to accept gay people, refuse to accept people from different races and different religions because, and I kid you not, I am not making this up, the scriptures make them intolerant to different people. If that is truly the case, then memes on the net telling us that if our religion tells us to hate then we should look for a new religion couldn’t be truer.

Have you ever noticed how all fascists, all far right supporters are usually staunch Catholics? These are the very people their Son of God challenged and they do not realise it.  

I finish with a joke I was once told. A man goes to Heaven and finds people of different races, religions and sexuality there. Then he is taken to a wall. He asks what lies behind the wall. The Guardian Angel tells him that the place behind the wall is reserved for Catholics because they like to think they are alone in Heaven.

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