Foreign and European Affairs Minister on ‘Kafè Ewropa’

Don't miss Friday morning's episode of ONE's weekly European election talk show, hosted by the editor of The Journal, Sandro Mangion.

Ian Borg, Minister for Foreign and European Affairs and Trade, will answer questions regarding Malta’s experience as a member state of the European Union for the past two decades, as well as its prospects for the coming twenty years, during the second edition of ‘Kafè Ewropa’ tomorrow morning. The weekly talk show, by hosted The Journal editor Sandro Mangion on ONE, aims at making sense of the upcoming European elections.

In a separate discussion, outgoing MEP Josianne Cutajar and Prof. Mark Harwood, Associate Professor at the University of Malta’s Institute for European Studies, will tackle the issue of a one-size-fits-all EU as opposed to a Union of multiple speeds of integration with one shared goal for all.

On the morrow of the conclusion of the European Parliament’s last plenary session in Strasbourg prior to the June elections, Leandro Borg, Director-General of the EU Coordination Department, will outline the next steps in the EU’s legislative cycle while explaining the bloc’s legislative process.

The programme will also welcome the Maltese Ambassador to Belgium and Luxembourg, H.E. Clint Tanti, who oversees the country with the most Maltese expatriates working in the European institutions or related sectors.

Sandro Mangion will also catch up with Daniel Buhagiar, assistant to ougoing MEP Alfred Sant, as well as Bartosz Romanczuk, one of the Maltese interpreters at the EU, who will share details about their roles. Moreover, Keith Caruana, Spokesperson at Malta’s Permanent Representation to the EU, will delve into how informal meetings, often called ‘coffee chats’, influence the Brussels political scene and how the media there covers it.

In another part of the programme Steve Ellul, candidate for the upcoming European elections, will be discussing what he has learnt about people’s top concerns through this electoral campaign

The programme will also feature Mark Vella, the Head of Communications at the European Commission’s Representation in Malta. He will be sharing details about the exciting events that will be organised to mark Europe Day, a celebration of peace, unity, and cooperation across Europe held annually on 9th May.

‘Kafè Ewropa’ airs every Friday on One Radio at 9am and simultaneously on One TV from 9.50am till 11am.

Have you missed the first programme, aired last week? Listen to it here.

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