Former PN officials Mario Galea & Roselyn Borg Knight address PL event

Former Parliamentary Secretary Mario Galea, and former PN International Secretary Roselyn Borg Knight attended and addressed a Labour Party event organised today, on day 23 of the electoral campaign.

The two former PN officials have recently withdrawn their candidature for this year’s general election.

The event, ‘Pajjiż b’saħħtu, poplu b’saħħtu’ (A strong country, strong people), hosted by Lydia Abela was held earlier today and is currently being broadcasted on ONE television and on the Partit Laburista Facebook page.

Taking the podium, veteran MP Mario Galea reacted to Labour’s proposals on mental health, saying that this was the first invitation he received to speak about mental health, since he resigned.

“No one should be surprised that I’m speaking at a Labour Party event on mental health. I made it clear in my resignation letter that I will continue to work on mental health and animal rights,” he said.  

“This was the first invitation I got after I formally retired from politics, and I accepted because I want mental health to be kept high on the political agenda. I hope my presence here today helps to keep mental health on the agenda,” Galea added.

‘This was the first invitation I got after

I formally retired from politics.’

– Mario Galea

Galea, who was elected in Parliament 30 years ago on the PN ticket, stressed that he was always opposed to politicising mental health, but that doesn’t mean staying silent.

He opened up about his battle with depression during the time he was Parliamentary Secretary on Health, and how this affected his political career. He said that there is still lingering silence on mental health and added that when people in public life talk about the subject, they help to reduce the stigma.

Days after his resignation from the PN, Galea told Times of Malta that it was his decision to resign: “they made my life hell”. 

‘We’re giving peace of mind to parents’ – Roselyn Borg Knight

Also participating in the event was former PN International Secretary Roselyn Borg Knight who withdrew her candidacy in November, and resigned from her administrative committee post in January.

Borg Knight spoke about Labour’s children’s guarantee and the importance of focusing on the wellbeing of the family.

When we are safeguarding children and youths, at the same time we’re giving peace of mind to parents. In this way, parents are more productive at work when they know that their children are safeguarded. This is one whole chain,” she said.

Borg Knight said that it is therefore extremely important to give the right tools to children and the youth to express themselves.

It is ironic how the party that is supposed to have spent the last five years to regroup its forces and portray itself as an alternative government continues to experience high profile resignations, and with now less than two weeks away from election day we’re seeing endorsements to Labour party pledges and initiatives from high profile ex-PN officials.

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Kirill Micallef Stafrace
Kirill Micallef Stafrace
2 years ago

Hoping that this will become the norm. Putting one’s beliefs before politics.
Well done to all concerned for having such vital topics on the agenda.