From Our Inbox: Abemus Bernardum – Through the Lens of Sigmund Freud

What a jolly lad, he even cracked a joke about the Pope. In his own cool words ‘vera tal-ostja‘.

Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, is famously quoted to have argued that ‘a cigar may just be a cigar, but a joke is never just a joke’ as the infamous scholar went on to explain how people use jokes to deal with their anxieties and issues.

Let’s dig a bit deeper in this.

Bernard, when dealing with his inability to answer legitimate press questions about his ODZ proposal, has ‘joked’ that if elected he will demolish the Labour Headquarters, and now, even when completely unprovoked, he quipped that the Pope’s visit is much needed especially if Labour wins the election. And he pushed it further by stating that Labourites are sick, presumably spiritually, and need the doctor to visit.

He pushed it further by stating that Labourites are sick, presumably spiritually, and need the doctor to visit.

If one had to quickly apply Freud’s undisputed analytical frameworks we easily understand that Grech has wide-ranging issues, possibly even hatred, towards labourites in general. This also appears to be causing anxiety within him leading to one blunder after the other.

Just have a look at how for instance he was repeatedly calling the Mġarr Harbour, Marsaxlokk, Marsaxlokk, when faced with very educated questions from the Labour media. Such manifestations usually happen when one is taken over by emotion to levels that do not even allow him to concentrate on the matter at hand.

These are worrying signs. And an aspiring Prime Minister needs to appeal and be a beacon of unity for the entire population, not present a patronising fixation towards a very large segment of the population even before he starts governing it.

As the campaign rolls by it is becoming increasingly evident that under his sheep’s skin Bernard Grech is hiding an ugly wolf that risks developing into one of Malta’s most divisive and dangerous politicians. And hey, one shouldn’t go that far back in time to recall how PN politicians even went as far as comparing Labour to cancer.

No wonder the gap between the two leaders continues to widen in opinion polls.

The Maltese have long learned that wolves in holy sheep’s skins are better left to fairytale books. But even that would be an issue for our Bernard as he would have issues with little Red Riding Hood’s attire.

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